FetchThem Helps Sales Teams Close More Deals And Reach Targets By Using An Unfair Advantage, Influencing The Final Purchasing Decision


FetchThem integrations give you the ability to integrate our services with a variety of sources. For example, online, offline and 3rd party data sources. We do this because we like to ensure your brand is exposed to your targeted customers. We increase your brand's reach an exposure through our partner network sites, as well as on Social Media.




FetchThem integrates into over 500+ Apps and CRM systems. So that data extraction and exchange is done with ease.

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We have partnerships with the world's largest advertising platforms. This is because we want to ensure that you are able to reach your target accounts and key decision makers. We increase your reach an exposure across 90% of the web. So that your brand’s message reaches your exact targets anywhere, and everywhere they may be online.


This increases your brand’s reach and exposure to the influencers that matter most to your business’ efforts, while keeping your brand or product front of their mind throughout the research and consideration process

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In The Spotlight


FetchThem and Woodpecker have partnered to increase your outreach results. This allows you to add any prospect from your list in Woodpecker into an in-market audience for targeted advertising prior to contact, increasing your outreach results by more than 300%.

For more on this custom integration, and to see what it can do for your brand, Click Here.