FetchThem Helps Sales Teams Close More Deals And Reach Targets By Using An Unfair Advantage, Influencing The Final Purchasing Decision

The Woodpecker - FetchThem Integration

This integration give you the ability to add any prospect from your list in Woodpecker to an in-market audience, prior to contact, and in near real time

What The Integration Means

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When we receive your prospect data through one of the integration methods, whether it be pre-campaign or during the campaign, we place highly targeted & immersive ads in front of your prospects, so you can stay top of their mind, before your next follow-up mail. This will help you increase your campaign response rate, helping you not only meet your targets, but exceed them. If you are looking to increase your brand's reach and exposure while keeping one step ahead of your competitors by warming up and nurturing your leads on an ongoing basis, try this integration today.

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How The Integration Works


Pre-Campaign Integration

Send FetchThem the email prospect list that you would upload into your base on the platform 7-21 days before you start your outbound email campaign. From this list, FetchThem will create in-market audience list and place targeted ads in front of your prospects, to form positive brand


Post/During Campaign

Contact us to receive a unique FetchThem email address to add into the BCC feature within the platform. Use the BCC feature in Woodpecker, new  prospects will be sent to us to be added to your in-market audience list, in near real time for immediate ad targeting. This will keep you front of mind before your next follow-up mail with them to help increase your associations in the minds of your target prospects, exposing them to your brand before your first contact