FetchThem Helps Sales Teams Close More Deals And Reach Targets By Using An Unfair Advantage, Influencing The Final Purchasing Decision

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We Offer Valuable B2B And B2C Services To Fulfill Your Marketing Needs. By Placing Your Brand In Front Of The Final Decision Makers, And Not Just The Person Researching Your Product, We Increase Your Influence With Those Who Matter Most

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Global IP Tracking

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Data Segmentation And Analysis

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Customer Onboarding

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Creative Design And Execution

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Customer Insights And Development

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Social, Search And Display Advertising

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Campaign Execution, Monitoring and Reporting

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Landing Page Design, Execution and Optimization

We help your brand reach and engage key decision makers in your list of target accounts.  Whether in the B2B or B2C space. Targeted ads are distributed across Social and Display networks, in front of these decision makers. This is so that your brand stays front of mind at every digital turn. We take Account Based Remarketing to the new level so that  your brand is present in the minds of those whom you are targeting


What We Offer Our Clients


The Basics

  • Global IP Tracking
  • Client Onboarding
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Segmentation and Analysis
  • Personalized Customer and Messaging Insights
  • Campaign Creation, Management and Optimization
  • Advertising Budget Included
  • Monthly Reporting

We use Global IP Tracking to provide our clients with the decision makers's details within key accounts. They are the people on your website or in your CRM most likely report to. This is so that we achieve an increase your sales funnel, and immerse these contacts in your brand. So as a result, you stay front of mind throughout the consumer's research process. We track over 6 million business decision maker profiles across the globe. Following their every digital move in order to place your brand's message in front of them. Consequently increasing your sales results by influencing the final purchasing decision.

We are also able to onboard your existing loyalty, crm, credit account data and more. We do this because we analyse and segment that data to identify your best fit customers. As a result you will be provided with insights used to optimize your brand’s messaging to that particular audience. Hence, we place your brand’s messaging in front of these audiences to increase your influence to them. Because we follow their every digital move, we consequently increase your up-sell and cross-sell results

We Have Pricings And Packages Tailored To Your Specific Country


What This Means For You

We Do Remarketing Better By Placing Your Brand In Front Of The Final Decision Makers, And Not Just The Person Researching Your Product

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