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6 Benefits Of Conversion Optimization On Landing Pages

  • September 14, 2017
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A problem that many marketers face nowadays is their landing page conversion rates. You know how it is, you sit in that weekly meeting and dread opening up that graph because it might show that your page’s performance this week has just not done well enough to get you those last few conversions needed to reach your target. – Trust me, I get it!

But you’ve put so much time and effort into designing, re-designing, and re-re-designing your landing pages that you can’t stand doing it all over again just to see the same results.

landing page optimization

For years, UI/UX design has been the primary focus when designing a landing page. While the visual elements are important, how do you know if the elements on your page are working to get you those conversions or are driving your customers away wishing that they never see that shade of orange again in their lives?

I have the answer my friends, Conversion Rate Optimization! You heard me, CRO! The easiest and most accurate way to tell if certain elements on your landing page are helping or hurting your campaigns. With the best practice being only changing one element at a time to see how your visitors are responding, CRO doesn’t take much time to set up.

We at FetchThem, focus our CRO strategies and experiments on neuromarketing techniques seen to impact on consumer’s cognitive bias’ (tactics that appeal to the consumer’s subconscious, driving them to convert or not). But, whatever your strategic approach to designing landing pages, without CRO, you will never know what exactly drives that customer to fill out your form.

Still not convinced that you need CRO? Well We’ve put together the 6 best benefits of CRO that we have discovered to help convince you! Take a look…


1. Make Decisions Based On Data

Before CRO, if you were considering making a change to your website, you probably did so based on gut feelings. You may have once heard something like “we should change this page because I think it will do better if…” CRO eliminates “I think” and changes it to “I know.” Instead
of changing something, you can initiate non-permanent tests based on those gut feelings, and evaluate the results. That way, if your customers or visitors prefer something completely different, you can quickly switch it back. CRO allows you to make decisions based on data and facts rather than your gut. By utilizing A/B tests and evaluating the results, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions in the future, because you’ll have all the data you need to back yourself up.

2. Increased Results

Similarly, when you utilize the data obtained from CRO testing to make decisions about changes on your site, you’ll find that you obtain better results from these changes. If you change the color of a button because testing has proved 5% more visitors click it, you’ll get at least that 5%—versus an unknown amount of conversions from changes made without testing.


3. Increased Revenue Over Time

Most articles about conversion rate optimization benefits talk about the additional money CRO can make you. While this is true, you shouldn’t expect your CRO testing to result in thousands of dollars in additional revenue in the first week or two. Instead, expect incremental revenue that you’ll notice over time. Most of the time, CRO can help you identify small areas of opportunity that will result in increased conversions— and thus increased revenue—over the course of a few months. For example, changing the location of a form on a page may earn you an extra two leads per month. This may not seem like much, but that’s an extra 26 leads a year, and if your close rate on leads is 10%, and new customers spend an average of $15,000, that can definitely add up! While some A/B tests can identify immediate opportunities to earn large amounts of revenue, expect CRO to help you find long-term strategies to improve your website and  conversion rates.


4. Outrank The Competition

Can conversion rate optimization help with your SEO? Strangely enough, yes. Depending on what you test on your website, you may identify elements that improve the amount of time visitors spend on your page. By doing this, you can reduce your bounce rates, which Google considers as part of a ranking factor. If your bounce rates drop, you may have a better chance at outranking your competition. Additionally, if your conversion rates increase, you may find that your website traffic, social media activity, and overall popularity online will increase as well. These increases are known to correlate with search engine ranking increases. So the more you test, and the more changes you make, the better you could perform in search.


5. Secure Testing

Before CRO became a practice, if you wanted to test something on your website, you had to implement it, check for
the results, and then change it back. However, a wide variety of A/B testing tools now allow you to test securely, without permanently implementing anything, and to display different versions to visitors on the fly. Increase In Risk Taking Online marketing is sometimes about taking risks. CRO can encourage you to take risks, experiment, and try new things. Since A/B testing is now so safe and easily controlled, there’s no damage or long-lasting impact to your website, meaning you can test as much as you want without harming your visitors or your revenue. Because you can take these risks, you may end up finding some things you never expected, or dramatically increasing the happiness of your website visitors. You might even find yourself getting hooked on A/B testing!


6. Visitor Insights

Finally, when you start using CRO on your website, you’ll find that you learn a lot about your visitors—more than you probably ever have before. No group of customers is the same, so that’s why it’s important to do your own testing and experiments to find out what your specific group prefers. As a result of conversion rate optimization, you may find that the people who come to your website prefer to have the option to contact you right away… or they may not want
to see the form until much later. You may find out that they really like yellow buttons… or that they hate them. By learning these crucial facts, you’ll be able to better guide any future development, design, or marketing work on your website, because you’ll already know what they prefer and what will boost conversions the most. When analyzing your experiment’s results, we suggest that you use a combination of both the Platform’s analytics, as well as Google Analytics. This combination will not only allow you to see which Split Test performed better, but also where the traffic came from and your page’s bounce rate.



So if you’re not implementing Conversion Rate Optimization techniques on your landing pages then what are you doing??? You’ve just read 6 of our favorite benefits of CRO, and those aren’t even all of them! So start testing, and don’t stop until your conversion rates have shot through the roof! Even if you start small by testing something as simple as changing your CTA button from red to green, you’ll start collecting insights on what drives your customers to convert, and getting those rates up in no time!


Good Luck, and may the Clicks Be With You!

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